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Cover of book: The Mystery of Drear House

The Mystery of Drear House

By Hamilton, Virginia


Thomas must keep the treasure of Dies Dear from landing in the wrong hands, but there are many secrets beneath Drear House, and not everyone can be trusted

Thomas Small and his best friend Pesty Darrow have been keeping the secret of the vast treasure that’s hidden in Mr. Pluto’s cave, once a stop on the Underground Railroad. Pesty also has to keep the treasure a secret from her family, who want it for themselves. And there are plenty more secrets in the underground passageways—hidden rooms, Indian legends, and terrifying ghosts. Now Thomas thinks that Pesty might be keeping some secrets from him, too. If they can’t trust each other, how will they ever protect the treasure?

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Virginia Hamilton including rare photos from the author’s estate.

PublishedDecember 27, 2011
PublisherOpen Road Media
GenresMystery; Urban Fiction