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Cover of book: Liz's Pie in the Sky

Liz's Pie in the Sky

By Barkley, Callie


In this twenty-third book of the Critter Club series, Liz and her friends spend a festive fall weekend at Marigold Lake. They bake pies, go on nature walks, and help a goose keep up with his flock!

Liz and her friends are at Marigold Lake for a festive fall weekend. Liz has lots of ideas for the weekend: they’ll go fruit picking, bake pies, and admire the nature around them. While out and about, the girls discover an injured goose who is hungry and separated from his flock. Will they be able to get their goose friend, Pie, back in shape so he can fly south with the others?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, The Critter Club chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

PublishedOctober 5, 2021
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenresLiterary Fiction