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Start your next chapter with Open eBooks

Open eBooks has elementary, middle, and high school collections. See some of our most popular titles below.

Celebrating Native American Authors, Characters, & Heritage

Alternate Realities for High School

Find new stories that will transport you to fantastic places, or dive deeper into stories close to home that you won’t forget.

  • Cover of book: Crewel


    By Albin, Gennifer

  • Cover of book: The Drowned Cities

    The Drowned Cities

    By Bacigalupi, Paolo

  • Cover of book: Decelerate Blue

    Decelerate Blue

    By Cavallaro, Mike; Rapp, Adam

  • Cover of book: Turnabout


    By Haddix, Margaret Peterson

  • Cover of book: Girl in the Arena

    Girl in the Arena

    By Haines, Lise

  • Cover of book: The August 5

    The August 5

    By Helland, Jenna

  • Cover of book: Adaptation


    By Lo, Malinda

  • Cover of book: After the Red Rain

    After the Red Rain

    By Lyga, Barry

  • Cover of book: The 100

    The 100

    By Morgan, Kass

  • Cover of book: Crazy House

    Crazy House

    By Patterson, James

Middle School Mysteries

Discover new worlds, find your favorite stories, or learn about real people and events.

Award Winning Titles for Elementary

Read on your own or with your grownup. Animals, fairies, mysteries, action and adventure and even chapter books are always with you in this collection.

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