Are you a publisher? Find out how to contribute to Open eBooks

Thanks to the generous contributions of Baker & Taylor, which includes use of its eBook platform delivery service, AXIS 360, we are able to provide access to titles from the following publishers:

I'm interested in contributing eBooks to in-need children. How can I get in touch?

Please contact to learn more about contributing to the Open eBooks program.

How long is the committment?

The initial commitment for supplying content is for three years.

What are the terms of use?

We encourage publishers to contribute titles that can be used by multiple ​users simultaneously throughout the term of the project (multiple user, perpetual access).

How will I know my eBooks are being used?

In order for publishers to make collection development decision, we will provide usage statistics on a quarterly or other regular basis.

What formats does the Open eBook app use?

The Open eBook app uses EPUB 2.0 and EPUB 3.0. Currently the reading app does not support PDF files, but we hope to accommodate this format in future releases, scheduled for 2016.

More detailed questions?

Email us.